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Bring optimal solutions for industrial projects and factories. Hydraulic Supermarket is a leading unit in the field of supplying, installing, repairing and training pneumatic hydraulic services. Contact us for detailed advice!

The reputable hydraulic training service provider in Hanoi

Hydraulic supermarket with 12 years of experience in the hydraulic and pneumatic industry, is proud to be the first and only unit in Hanoi to professionally train hydraulic and pneumatic systems. With a team of professionally trained technicians from leading technical universities in Vietnam, experienced and enthusiastic in the profession, now, the Hydraulic Supermarket has many partners. important corporations, large enterprises such as Samsung Thai Nguyen, Hoa Phat Steel, Formosa, Thaco Truong Hai…. Hydraulic Supermarket products are distributed throughout the provinces and cities across the country.

Subjects of trainees: workshop managers, in charge of engineering in cement factories, steel, mechanics, factories manufacturing computer components ... in industrial zones

Why choose the technical training course in hydraulic and pneumatic systems at the Hydraulic Supermarket:

Firstly, appropriate training programs and content: designed on the basis of, studying the relatively strict needs and requirements of businesses.

Secondly, the contents of lectures are scientific, practical, and intuitive, with 100% of the students practicing on the practice table, with the most modern and practical learning equipment close to reality.

Thirdly, closed training methods and processes: Learner-centered training method, basic theory accompanied by practical application, sharing common experiences in practice.

Finally, the teachers are engineers in the technical department of the company, so they are very experienced, enthusiastic, enthusiastic in the profession.

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If you are in need and looking for a course from basic to advanced engineering in hydraulic systems, please contact us at hotline: 0977.282.045.

Not only will you be provided with basic knowledge about hydraulic system, but you will also have the opportunity to practice directly on hydraulic products that the hydraulic supermarket is distributing.


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