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Features of Nachi power-saving hydraulic power pack

Energy is saved by the inverter, reducing power consumption by up to 69%.

Nachi power-saving hydraulic power units are the same size as standard power supplies even when integrated with the inverter. If you are using an NSPi power supply, you can replace it without having to redesign the machine. Because most of them are the same size as NSPi.

The integration of inverters on NSPi means greater energy savings.

Advantages of Nachi power-saving hydraulic power unit with integrated inverter inside the body

a, Reduce the amount of temperature increase of the oil

  • Improve accuracy in machining
  • Extend seal and oil life
  • Reduce maintenance costs

b, Noise on the NSPi power supply is low

The integrated inverter helps NSPi save maximum power consumption and minimize noise.

c, Easy operation and reliable performance

Warm-up immediately after powering on. The drive on the NSPi power supply unit can be started easily by simply turning on the power button. Just press the button to operate at maximum power savings after adjusting the pressure.

Stable production line. The production line continues to run even when there is a problem with the inverter as it relies on the reliability of the NSPi power supply and can continue to function as a regular NSPi power supply.

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